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No more Japan firms break away from Russia, Teikoku Database poll

Tokyo, July 26 (Jiji Press)–No Japanese companies announced in the month through Friday that they would suspend or stop operations in Russia, a private survey showed Tuesday.   The monthly survey by Teikoku Databank Ltd. saw such a result for the first time since it started in March, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.   According to the survey report, 74,….Read more

  • July 26, 2022
  • , Jiji Press , 9:07 p.m.
  • English Press


Kishida Cabinet support rate steady at 60% range, 50.1% support state funeral for Abe, Sankei-FNN poll

According to the nationwide public opinion poll jointly conducted by Sankei Shimbun and Fuji News Network (FNN) on July 23–24, 2022, support for the Kishida Cabinet is 62.4%, down 1.3 percentage points from the previous poll taken on June 18–19. The Cabinet has enjoyed backing in the 60% range for ten consecutive months since the inauguration of the Kishida administration.….Read more

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Public support for Kishida Cabinet drops to 62.4%

Sankei front-paged a report on the results of its joint opinion poll conducted with FNN on July 23 and 24, which found that public approval for the Kishida Cabinet was 62.4%, down 1.3 points from last month but maintaining the 60% level for the tenth consecutive month since the launch of the cabinet. Nonsupport rose 0.7 points to 39.9%. The….Read more

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59% in favor of restarting nuclear power plants, NHK public opinion poll

Prime Minister Kishida Fumio has announced a plan to restart as many as nine nuclear power plants to alleviate the power shortage anticipated this winter. An NHK poll shows that 59% of respondents are in favor of the Prime Minister’s plan, while 23% said they are opposed to the move.   NHK conducted a nationwide survey over the three-day period….Read more

  • July 20, 2022
  • , NHK digital , 9:49 p.m.
  • JMH Translation


Kishida Cabinet approval edges up to 49.9 pct, Jiji poll

Tokyo, July 21 (Jiji Press)–The approval rate for Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s cabinet rose 1.2 percentage points from the previous month to 49.9 pct this month, a Jiji Press opinion survey showed Thursday.   The disapproval rate fell 2.0 points to 20.0 pct, while the proportion of respondents who said they had no opinion stood at 30.1 pct, according….Read more

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Nearly half in Japan support N-reactor restart, Jiji poll

Tokyo, July 21 (Jiji Press)–Nearly 50 pct of people in Japan support the restart of idled nuclear reactors in the country, a Jiji Press opinion poll showed Thursday.   The survey, conducted for four days through Monday, found that 48.4 pct of respondents are in favor of resuming operations of nuclear reactors whose safety has been confirmed.   The proportion….Read more

  • July 21, 2022
  • , Jiji Press , 4:23 p.m.
  • English Press


Abenomics most appreciated achievement of Abe, Jiji poll

Tokyo, July 21 (Jiji Press)–Among the achievements of late former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the Abenomics reflationary policy mix is most appreciated by respondents in a Jiji press opinion poll released Thursday.   The largest proportion of respondents, at 16.3 pct, chose “monetary easing and fiscal expansion under Abenomics” as the best achievement of Abe during his tenure as prime….Read more


Kishida Cabinet approval rating climbs to 59%, NHK public opinion poll

An NHK poll shows that the approval rating for Prime Minister Kishida Fumio’s Cabinet is at 59%, up 5 percentage points from the previous survey carried out a week before the July 10 Upper House election. The disapproval rating went down 6 points, to 21%.   NHK conducted a nationwide survey over the three-day period of July 16–18 on a….Read more

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