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Schools most common sites of infections for 16- to 18-yr-olds

Tokyo, Aug. 25 (Jiji Press)–School infections accounted for the largest portion of coronavirus cases found among people aged 16 to 18 in Japan from spring, a health ministry survey showed Wednesday.     The survey, presented to an expert group, found that 45.7 pct of those in the age bracket were infected at school, while infections at home accounted for the….Read more

  • August 25, 2021
  • , Jiji Press , 6:57 p.m.
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Tokyo to open reservation-free vaccination center for youth

Tokyo, Aug. 18 (Jiji Press)–The Tokyo metropolitan government will set up a COVID-19 vaccination center for young people where they can get shots without reservations, Governor Yuriko Koike said Wednesday.   The metropolitan government aims to open the reservation-free vaccination center near Shibuya Station by the end of this month.   The center will mainly be for people in their….Read more

  • August 18, 2021
  • , Jiji Press , 8:17 p.m.
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Editorial: Take thorough precautions to protect children from coronavirus infection

The percentage of children being infected with the novel coronavirus has been on the rise. It is imperative that the adults in their lives take sufficient precautions to prevent infections among children.   According to a tally by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, people aged under 20 accounted for less than 10% of new infections last year by age….Read more

  • August 1, 2021
  • , The Japan News , 2:13 p.m.
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Editorial: Criminalize marijuana use in Japan to stop its abuse by young people

The number of young people who use marijuana out of curiosity is increasing. The current legislation must be changed to ban the use of marijuana to stop its abuse.   An expert study panel of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry has compiled a draft report calling for the use of marijuana to be made a criminal act under the….Read more

  • July 5, 2021
  • , The Japan News , 12:35 p.m.
  • English Press


Tokyo Report: Japanese lawmakers trying to keep kids off sex crimes

Tokyo, June 16 (Jiji Press)–Suprapartisan efforts are gathering pace in Japan to protect children from sex crimes committed by care workers and school teachers.     A project team set up by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party to end the government’s vertical administrative structure proposed in late April to establish a Japanese version of Britain’s Disclosure and Barring Service.     The….Read more

  • June 16, 2021
  • , Jiji Press , 7:30 p.m.
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Japan ranks poorly in survey as place to raise children, Cabinet Office survey

By Ryuichi Hisanaga, staff writer   Japan in the eyes of young people hoping to raise a family ranks far and away behind other countries, especially in comparison with three European nations, a survey shows.   The study by the Cabinet Office found that 61.1 percent of Japanese respondents did not think Japan was an easy place to raise children.….Read more

  • June 12, 2021
  • , The Asahi Shimbun , 2:50 p.m.
  • English Press


“It is absurd to be arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old”: CDPJ lawmaker

It has been learned that regarding the criminal code that prohibits sex with minors under age 13 across the board, a member of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDPJ) had made repeated remarks condoning sex between an adult and a junior high school student. He made the remarks at a meeting of the party’s “working team on revisions to….Read more

  • June 7, 2021
  • , Asahi digital , 9:14 p.m.
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CDPJ’s Honda apologizes that his “insufficient knowledge made people uncomfortable”

By Sodeyama Kaori   On June 8, House of Representatives member Honda Hiranao of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDPJ) — 56 years old and elected to office from the Hokkaido proportional representation electoral district — spoke to the press at the Diet building regarding his comment on revisions to sexual offense provisions in the criminal code and apologized.….Read more

  • June 8, 2021
  • , Hokkaido Shimbun digital , 10:03 p.m.
  • JMH Translation

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More than 20% of young people depressed due to COVID-19

NHK reported this morning that a group led by Tokushima University Associate Professor Yamamoto Tetsuya conducted a survey of about 20,000 people in ten prefectures that were under a state of emergency in February. According to the network, the survey found that among the approximately 2,100 people aged 18 to 29, 22.8% were in a state of depression requiring medical….Read more

  • June 2, 2021
  • , NHK
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Why Japan’s young are bearing the psychological brunt of the pandemic

BY RYUSEI TAKAHASHI, STAFF WRITER   As potential carriers of the coronavirus, young people have been asked during the pandemic to change their lifestyles not just for their own well-being, but for that of all members of society.   For that reason they carry a hefty responsibility — but perhaps they shoulder a disproportionate share of the blame as well.….Read more

  • May 27, 2021
  • , The Japan Times
  • English Press
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