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Noon news

All networks led with reports on Typhoon Trami that is approaching Japan, with NTV saying that the Japan Meteorological Agency is warning people to prepare for the typhoon as it is on a course and of a scale similar to those of a typhoon 14 years ago that killed nearly 100 people.


Abe conveyed to President Trump Japan's interest in procuring more U.S. weapons systems

Nikkei and NHK reported online on press remarks this morning by Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga. He disclosed that Prime Minister Abe, during his meeting with President Trump in New York on Wednesday, conveyed his administration's desire to procure additional U.S. defense hardware. Abe was quoted by the government spokesman as telling the President: "It is important for Japan's defense to continue introducing high-performance defense equipment, including equipment from the United States, in order to deal with the severe security environment" around Japan. The broadcaster separately took up remarks made by Defense Minister Onodera, who said: "As the procurement of state-of-the-art defense equipment is extremely important, we will continue to cooperate closely with the United States."

Japan conducts drill with U.S. bomber over E. China Sea (Kyodo News)

Expert: Devise ingenious ways to maintain Japan-U.S. alliance (Asahi)


Secretary Pompeo stresses sanctions to remain in place until denuclearization is complete

NTV, Fuji TV, and TV Asahi reported at noon that while Secretary of State Pompeo said at the UNSC ministerial meeting in New York that he will visit North Korea to conduct coordination on a second summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim, he also stressed that the U.S. will not ease sanctions on North Korea. The network showed the Secretary saying: "Until the final denuclearization of the DPRK is achieved and fully verified, it is our solemn collective responsibility to fully implement all UN Security Council resolutions pertaining to North Korea." Meanwhile, Fuji TV said the foreign ministers of China and Russia claimed that sanctions against North Korea should be eased in light of recent developments, adding that the rift between the U.S. side and China and Russia over the DPRK stood out once again.

Japanese, Chinese foreign ministers agree to accelerate coordination for PM Abe's China visit

NHK reported this morning on a meeting between Foreign Minister Kono and his Chinese counterpart Wang held at the UN headquarters in New York on Thursday. They agreed to accelerate coordination for Prime Minister Abe's planned visit to China next month so that it will produce concrete results. The network said that during the fourth meeting between the two ministers this year Wang reportedly stressed the need to carefully maintain the momentum for rapprochement between the two nations and to develop the Japan-China relationship in a stable manner and on a long-term basis. The two ministers also reportedly agreed to fully implement the UNSC sanctions resolutions on North Korea in order to achieve its denuclearization. When Kono asked for China's cooperation in dealing with North Korea's ship-to-ship transfers in waters near China, Wang reportedly pledged a tough response.

Joint Statement of the United States and Japan (White House Website)

Gist of Japan-U.S. summit, Sept. 26 (Yomiuri)

Gist of PM Abe's news conference after Japan-U.S. summit, Sept. 26 (Sankei)

Editorial: Trump risks making his country isolated with 'America First' policy (The Japan News)

Japan, China to cooperate over N. Korea's ship-to-ship transfers (Kyodo News)

Japan to work with Australia, India over N. Korea, open Indo-Pacific (Kyodo News)

Japan hopes to draw more U.S. investors to Myanmar industrial park (Kyodo News)

Cartoon: Abe's challenges (Sankei)

High court denies Korean school's right to Japanese gov't funds (Kyodo News)


FOCUS: Japan's about-face on trade talks with U.S. raises question (Kyodo News)

Editorial: Tokyo must keep its principle in new Japan-U.S. tariff talks (The Asahi Shimbun)

Editorial: Set an example for constructive Japan-U.S. trade talks (Nikkei)

Editorial: Stand firm on not tolerating unreasonable demands in new Japan-U.S. trade talks (Sankei)

Editorial: Japan should continue tenacious discussions (Tokyo Shimbun)

Auto and agriculture sectors say "issues have simply been shelved" in U.S.-Japan trade talks (Mainichi)

Japan auto industry welcomes shelving of higher U.S. auto tariffs (Kyodo News)

Japan farmers wary U.S. may step up demand to open up market (Kyodo News)

Expert: Wise to negotiate on tariffs limited to goods (Yomiuri)

Expert: Stand firm on principles in tariff talks with U.S. (Mainichi)

Expert: Agreement for "market access in Japan's previous EPAs to constitute maximum level" is commendable (Nikkei)

Expert: Japan, U.S. stage compromise by agreeing to new talks (Nikkei)

Infographic: Employment rates for men and women (Mainichi)

Japan wants early talks on reforms at "dysfunctional" IWC: official (Kyodo News)


Prime minister's schedule on Sept. 27, 2018 (Sankei)

Internal minister Noda, farm minister Saito likely out in Abe Cabinet reshuffle (The Mainichi)

LDP's Hosoda faction membership rises to 96 (Mainichi)


Japanese cargo vessel arrives at International Space Station (Kyodo News)

'Summer Davos' in China casts spotlight on technological advances beyond Silicon Valley (The Japan Times)


Japanese language sees resurgence in U.S. / Not only pop culture but other factors behind the increase (The Japan News)

Grade-schooler dreams of attending MIT and future life with friends after studying in U.S. (Asahi)

TOMODACHI SoftBank Leadership Program (2): Girl uses American experience to brighten up hometown (Asahi)

TOMODACHI SoftBank Leadership Program (3): Friend's advice encourages Fukushima girl (Asahi)


Record 385 foreigners in Japan stripped of resident status in 2017 (Kyodo News)

Japanese firms prepare for large-scale volunteering during 2020 Games (The Japan Times)

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