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Noon news

All networks led with reports on the launch of the new Abe cabinet.


Secretary Pompeo to meet with PM Abe before his visit to Pyongyang on Oct. 7

All networks reported on the announcement by the State Department on Tuesday that Secretary of State Pompeo will visit Pyongyang on Oct.7 to meet with Chairman Kim. Fuji TV said this will be his fourth visit to Pyongyang, adding that the Secretary is expected to discuss with Kim ways to move forward the denuclearization process and arrange a second summit between the U.S. and the DPRK. The networks said prior to his visit to North Korea, the Secretary will make a stopover in Japan on Oct. 6-7 and meet with Prime Minister Abe and Foreign Minister Kono. The networks said the Secretary will visit South Korea and China after North Korea.

In a related story, NHK reported online that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told reporters this morning: "As for Japan, we hope that the agreement between the leaders of the U.S. and North Korea, including North Korea's commitment toward the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, will be implemented fully and swiftly, through Secretary Pompeo's visit to North Korea." Suga added: "We hope to work more closely ahead of the Secretary's visit to North Korea. The United States understands our position on North Korea, including the abduction issue. We plan to make thorough preparations so that we will be able to respond appropriately."

Japan lodges protest against China for setting up buoy near Senkakus

NHK reported online that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga disclosed at a press briefing this morning that through diplomatic channels the GOJ lodged a protest against China for setting up a buoy within Japan's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) around the disputed Senkaku Islands. The network said that according to MOFA, China put the buoy in place without obtaining consent from the Japanese side.

China asks Japan to push back Abe's visit: sources (Kyodo News)

Panel on Japan-S. Korea relations proposes more youth exchanges (Kyodo News)

Survey team departs for Northern Territories (Yomiuri)


U.S. Ambassador to Japan: China simply needs to change its behavior (Japan Forward)


New Abe cabinet attaches importance to "continuity" in economic policies (Yomiuri)

Business lobby groups express hopes, demands for new cabinet (Asahi)

Asian energy groups join Shell in $14bn Canada LNG project (Nikkei Asian Review)

Treated water at Fukushima plant far too unsafe to be dumped soon (The Asahi Shimbun)


Prime minister's schedule on Oct. 2, 2018 (Sankei)

Gist of PM Abe's news conference after cabinet reshuffle, Oct. 2 (Yomiuri)

Gist of basic policies of fourth reshuffled Abe cabinet (Mainichi)

PM Abe picks Eto as special adviser (Asahi)

Abe retains three deputy chief cabinet secretaries (Asahi)

Koizumi out, Inada to assume LDP chief deputy secretary-general (Tokyo Shimbun)

Challenges of a long-running administration (The Japan Times)

Abe faces throng of diplomatic, economic issues after Cabinet revamp (Kyodo News)

Abe reshuffles Cabinet, stepping up constitution revision drive (Kyodo News)

Abe names allies to key LDP posts to facilitate constitutional revision (Nikkei)

LDP factions welcome Abe's "balanced" appointments in cabinet reshuffle (Yomiuri)

Ruling, opposition parties react negatively to Abe's LDP appointments for constitutional revision (Asahi)

Aso first in line to serve as acting prime minister in Abe's absence (Yomiuri)

Opposition bashes Abe's cabinet reshuffle, Aso reappointment (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: Finance Minister Aso is outspoken political heavyweight (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: New communications minister Ishida known for managerial skills (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: New justice chief is ex-prosecutor from Abe's rival faction (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: Foreign Minister Kono promotes reform, proactive diplomacy (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: New health minister Nemoto is old Abe ally with focus on policymaking (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: New agriculture minister Yoshikawa is well-versed in farm policy (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: PM Abe's close aide Seko retained as industry minister (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: Land minister Ishii seen as possible future leader of Komeito (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: New environment minister Harada known for his interest in diplomacy (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: New Defense Minister Iwaya well-versed in security policy (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: Suga extends stint as longest-serving gov't spokesman (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: Reconstruction minister Watanabe is ex-taxi company exec (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: New Okinawa minister Miyakoshi promotes export of island liquor (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: New IT policy minister Hirai heads LDP technology committee (Kyodo News)

PROFILE: Policy expert Motegi retained as economy minister (Kyodo News)


Japan's sei whale meat sales judged as violating conservation treaty (Jiji Press)


U.S. sanctions 4 Japan gangsters over alleged money laundering (Kyodo News)


Trust in Trump remains low but Japan still looks to U.S. for leadership amid China's rise: Pew Research Center poll (The Japan Times)


Editorial: Henoko relocation will be hard without dialogue (Nikkei)

Cartoon: Denny Tamaki out in front (Sankei)


U.S. plans to move forward with Henoko project

Okinawa Times wrote from Washington that following the victory in the Okinawa gubernatorial election on Sunday of former Lower House member Denny Tamaki, who is opposed to the FRF construction at Henoko, an unnamed State Department official reportedly told the paper that the construction work there will continue because the Futenma base's relocation to Henoko is based on an agreement between the United States and Japan. The official congratulated Tamaki on his victory and said that the U.S. government deeply respects Okinawa's contributions to the U.S.-Japan alliance. Concerning the possibility of the GOJ taking legal action against the prefectural government's revocation of the landfill permit, the paper quoted the official as reportedly saying that the U.S. government will monitor future developments.

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