Afternoon Alert   -   Tuesday, December 4, 2018
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Noon news

NHK, NTV, TV Asahi, and TBS led with reports on the unseasonal weather today, with several locations nationwide experiencing record high temperatures as well as torrential rain, thunder, and tornadoes. Fuji TV gave top play to a shooting at a private residence in Toyoma City last night. No injuries were reported.


DM Iwaya announces temporary suspension of earth loading operation for Henoko landfill

NHK reported at noon that Defense Minister Iwaya announced at a news conference this morning that the loading of earth onto ships in preparation for reclamation work in waters off Henoko scheduled to start on Dec. 14 has been suspended temporarily due to a complaint from the Okinawa government that it has not received the legally required notification for this operation. Iwaya said that the suspension is for the purpose of "verifying the facts" and that any issues that are found will be resolved in order for the reclamation work to move forward as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Okinawa Governor Tamaki claimed that since the prefectural government has confirmed that the loading operation was taking place illegally, Iwaya's response was a matter of course.

Ginowan assembly passes written opinion opposing referendum on Henoko relocation

NHK reported online that the Ginowan City Assembly passed by a majority vote this morning a written opinion against holding the planned referendum on Henoko relocation next February. While municipal governments in Okinawa are tasked with administering the referendum, Ginowan Mayor Matsukawa has not indicated whether the city government will undertake the administrative work. NHK said that with the legislature opposing the referendum, Matsukawa's decision will be a focus of great interest.

Shrinking population is casting a shadow on national security (Nikkei)

Okinawa Gov. Tamaki says Henoko construction costs will increase tenfold to 2.5 trillion yen (Tokyo Shimbun)

MOD: "Fight until only 30% survive" (Akahata)


MOFA's Kanasugi meets with Special Representative for North Korea Biegun

NHK reported this afternoon that Director General Kanasugi of MOFA's Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau met with U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Biegun in Washington, where they affirmed the importance of close cooperation among Japan, the U.S., and the ROK ahead of the second U.S.-DPRK summit and agreed to engage in close coordination on policy.

Japan mulls inviting Trump after new emperor's accession in May (Kyodo News)

CCS Suga welcomes U.S.'s suspension of new tariffs on China (Sankei)

Editorial: Roots of contention still remain between US, China (The Mainichi)

Parliamentarians' union divided ahead of meeting with ROK counterpart (Sankei)

The last president from good old America (The Japan Times)

Improved Japan-China ties expected to lead to more business opportunities (Sankei)

Cartoon: Abe tunes in, wishes he hadn't (Tokyo Shimbun)


Japan to scrap Turkey nuclear project (Nikkei Asian Review)

Japan wary about quantitative restrictions in new NAFTA (Mainichi)

Companies take different strategies toward plant construction in North America (NIKKEI Business Daily)


Prime minister's schedule on Dec. 2–3, 2018 (Sankei)

Ordinary Diet session to be convened in late January (Yomiuri)

Deepening interdependence between LDP and industry, 2017 political funding report (Mainichi)


Japan to hold negotiations with U.S., Europe on new space station (Yomiuri)


Lower House OKs bill banning ticket resale ahead of Olympics (Jiji Press)

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