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Noon news

All TV networks reported that powerful Typhoon Krosa is raging in western Japan, disrupting transportation and causing injuries and serious damage.


CCS Suga, METI Minister Seko comment on ROK's removal of Japan from "white list"

NHK reported online today that during a news conference this morning, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga said it is unclear why the ROK decided on Aug. 12 to remove Japan from its "white list" of nations receiving preferential trade treatment. However he refrained from stating a position on this issue or mentioning the impact on Japanese companies. NHK also reported that Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Seko said at a news conference this morning that at the working level, Japan is seeking a detailed explanation of the basis for the removal of Japan from the "white list." Seko also said that judging from the items to be affected, it appears as though there will be little impact on Japan, but METI plans to look into the matter more closely. He further indicated that Japan does not intend to engage the ROK in any discussions on this issue since preferential treatment in trade is granted entirely at the discretion of each country.

Japan seeks explanation of S. Korea plan to remove it from trade list (Kyodo News)

Moon open to talks with Japan over 'unwarranted' export curbs (Nikkei Asian Review)

S. Korea aims to be economic powerhouse despite Japan export controls (Kyodo News)

S. Korean protesters target Japan's Abe on comfort women day (Jiji Press)

FOCUS: Japan-S. Korea rift may change regional economic, security structures (Kyodo News)

Commentary: Normalization of Japan-DPRK ties will be turning point in Japan-ROK relations (Nikkei)

Editorial: PM Abe should cancel his visit to Russia (Sankei)

Ishin's Suzuki says Japan-Russia summit to be pivotal in resolving Northern Territories dispute (Sankei)


U.S. and Japan make progress toward trade deal by September (Nikkei Asian Review)

Japan, U.S. "on same wavelength" in trade talks: Japan official (Kyodo News)

Japan, U.S. to hold another working-level trade talks next week (Jiji Press)

Editorial: Residents' understanding essential to increase number of Haneda flights (The Japan News)

60% of spent nuclear fuel in Japan to be stored in metal casks (Kyodo News)

KDDI invests in U.S. start-up (Nikkei)

Editorial: Review preferential treatment WTO gives to "developing nations" (Sankei)

Interview: Ex-Panel Head Worried over Delay in Japan's Digitization (Jiji Press)


Tokyo Games' corporate sponsors begin drills to counter potential cyberattacks (The Japan Times)


Prime minister's schedule on Aug. 14, 2019 (Sankei)

Japan's Abe sends ritual offering to war-linked Yasukuni Shrine (Kyodo News)

Japan marks 74th anniv. of WWII end, emperor mentions "deep remorse" (Kyodo News)

Kono wants to stay in his post, using requisitioned worker issue to play up his presence (THEMIS)

INTERVIEW: Komeito seeks constitution debate despite Article 9 discord (Jiji Press)

TOKYO REPORT: Koizumi's parliamentary reform making little progress (Jiji Press)

EXCLUSIVE: LDP members to study stricter recruitment of election candidates (Jiji Press)

Small party blurs NHK's neutrality by channeling public discontent (The Asahi Shimbun)


Construction of super-large telescope faces native Hawaiians' persistent opposition (Tokyo Shimbun)


Beating the heat at the Tokyo Olympics (The Japan Times)

Paralympics/ Fancy some blind soccer? Ticket lottery starts Aug. 22 (The Asahi Shimbun)

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