Afternoon Alert   -   Tuesday, September 3, 2019
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Noon news

NHK led with a report saying Prime Minister Abe formally announced at an LDP executive meeting this morning that he will reshuffle the cabinet and LDP leadership on Sept. 11. NTV aired a follow-up report on a Vietnamese technical intern who was arrested on suspicion of killing an elderly man and injuring his wife in Ibaraki Prefecture on Aug. 24. Fuji TV's top story was about the trial of a woman this morning in relation to the death of her five-year-old daughter in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, last year due to abuse by her husband. TV Asahi and TBS reported on a traffic accident this morning in Kobe in which a man was killed and five people were injured.


ROK PM Lee proposes Japan rescind export curbs in exchange for Seoul's renewal of GSOMIA

TBS and TV Asahi reported today that former Chief Cabinet Secretary Kawamura, who met with ROK Prime Minister Lee for two hours in Seoul yesterday, revealed that Lee proposed a "package deal" in which Japan reverses its decision to remove South Korea from the "white list" of nations enjoying preferential trade treatment and the ROK rescinds its decision to scrap its GSOMIA with Japan. Kawamura said he told Lee that the two sides should start with talks on the requisitioned workers issue, while Lee revealed that behind-the-scenes discussions on this issue have already begun. Lee reportedly also said that the ROK would like to find a solution before the GSOMIA actually expires in November. The two officials reportedly agreed on the need to improve bilateral relations at an early date.

Abe to visit China in Dec. for meeting with Li, Moon (Jiji Press)

Suga: Efforts to ease Middle East tension continue (NHK WORLD)

Japan names Takizaki as new top diplomat for Asia (Kyodo News)

Yomiuri Chair Shiraishi to be ambassador to Switzerland (The Japan News)

Editorial: TICAD should help boost support for growth of huge market in Africa (The Japan News)

TICAD closes with effort by Japan to differentiate its African investment projects from China's (The Japan Times)

Gist of joint press conference by PM Abe and President of Egypt (Yomiuri)

78% say Japan is "trustworthy," MOFA public opinion poll of five Middle Eastern countries (Sankei)

S. Korea Embassy receives 'bullet' in threat mail (NHK WORLD)

Peach Aviation 1st Japanese carrier to drop S. Korea flights amid row (Kyodo News)

Lawmaker who made Russia war remarks suggests same with S. Korea (Kyodo News)

Editorial: Johnson must seek thorough debate in Parliament to avoid no-deal Brexit (The Japan News)

Cartoon: The tottering geopolitical order (Tokyo Shimbun)


Japan alarmed by impact on world economy from U.S.-China tension (Kyodo News)

Japan corporate profits tumble in 2nd qtr on U.S.-China trade war (Kyodo News)

70% of companies say that deterioration in Japan-ROK ties "having no impact on operations," Sankei poll of 121 companies (Sankei)

Some companies concerned about post-Games downturn, Sankei poll of 121 companies (Sankei)

Newest US tariffs on China drive Japan Inc. toward Southeast Asia (Nikkei Asian Review)

Editorial: Prioritize fiscal discipline in requests for budgetary appropriations (The Japan News)

Editorial: Japan should cut gov't spending, not rely on unrealistic economic growth (The Mainichi)

Editorial: A sharp ax is required to slash pork barrel budget spending (The Asahi Shimbun)

The mystery of low inflation despite huge debt (The Japan Times)

Japan's hunt for minke whales resume in coastal areas off Hokkaido (Kyodo News)

Editorial: Japan should work toward closing domestic ivory market (The Mainichi)

Private-sector core body to drive "Cool Japan" strategy (Jiji Press)

Japan, France to start policy dialogue on automotive tech (Jiji Press)

Editorial: Fully prepare for consumption tax rate hike in final month remaining (The Japan News)

Editorial: Review of investment effect needed in planning new Shinkansen projects (The Japan News)

Last-minute demand before Japan tax hike remains uneven (Jiji Press)

Toshiba completes sale of U.S. LNG business to French oil firm Total (Kyodo News)

Editorial: Expertise shortfall threatening Japan moves to regulate IT giants (The Mainichi)


Prime minister's schedule on Aug. 30, 2019 (Sankei)

Prime minister's schedule on Aug. 31, 2019 (Sankei)

Prime minister's schedule on Sept. 1, 2019 (Sankei)

Prime minister's schedule on Sept. 2, 2019 (Sankei)

Highlights of Japan-related events scheduled for Sept. 2-8 (Kyodo News)

All eyes on LDP factions as Abe plots Cabinet shake-up for final term (The Japan Times)

Editorial: A decade after temporarily gaining power, Japan's opposition needs fresh role (The Mainichi)

Cartoon: "Trash house" in Nagatacho (Asahi)

Cartoon: Projectiles from both directions (Kanagawa Shimbun)


Japanese support deepens for South Korea trade curbs, Nikkei poll (Nikkei Asian Review)

Opinion poll & results from Nikkei Digital (Nikkei, Online)

Foreign policy of Abe Cabinet highly valued, Yomiuri-Waseda Univ. joint survey (The Japan News)


JAXA preparing to develop equipment for future 'Gateway' moon-orbiting space station (The Mainichi)


The message of a champion who made a comeback (Yomiuri, Evening edition)

Japan whaling town Taiji begins dolphin hunting (Kyodo News)

Japan grants long-term resident status to transgender foreign national for first time (The Japan Times)

Championing widespread inclusion, gender equity (The Japan Times)


Russia plans additional missile defense buildup on Kuril Islands (Kyodo News)

Japan stepping up purchases of cutting-edge U.S. warplanes (Jiji Press)


Okinawa governor learns that Marines' transfer to Guam could become possible in 2024

Saturday's Okinawa Times ran a Kyodo story saying that Okinawa Governor Tamaki told reporters on Friday in Guam that he has learned from the U.S. military that the transfer of some of the Okinawa-based Marines to Guam could become possible from around 2024. The paper wrote that the U.S. military has explained to the Guam parliament its plan to begin transferring the Marines in the first half of fiscal 2025 and complete the transfer in about 18 months. The paper wrote that Tamaki discussed the issue with Guam Governor Leon Guerrero on Friday. The Okinawa governor was quoted as telling the Guamanian leader that it is important to steadily implement the relocation of U.S. bases outside Japan, including to Guam, to reduce the excessive base-hosting burden on the people of Okinawa. Governor Leon Guerrero reportedly told Tamaki that she understands the need to alleviate the burden on Okinawa and hopes to receive the Marines in Guam as soon as possible.

U.S. service member arrested on DUI charge (Ryukyu Shimpo)

U.S. serviceperson arrested on DUI charges (Ryukyu Shimpo)

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