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Noon news

NHK and NTV led with follow-up reports on the signing yesterday by Prime Minister Abe and President Trump of the joint statement on a new bilateral trade deal, which Abe said will significantly contribute to global economic development. TV Asahi, TBS, and Fuji TV reported that a knife was found in the carry-on baggage of a man after he had passed through All Nippon Airways security at Itami Airport in Osaka this morning. The discovery required all passengers to go through security inspection again, causing the suspension of all flights after 9:00 a.m.


PM Abe holds news conference after signing joint statement on Japan-U.S. trade deal

All TV networks reported this morning that Prime Minister Abe held a news conference last night (New York time) after his summit meeting with President Trump. NHK reported that Abe voiced strong concern about the Middle East situation after the recent attack on Saudi oil facilities, noting that this has a direct impact on global economic stability. He said that he confirmed at his latest talks with Iranian President Rouhani his country's desire for peace and stability in the region and also discussed ways to ease Middle East tensions at his summit meeting with President Trump, stating that now is the time for Japan, which is a U.S. ally as well as a longstanding friend of Iran, to take the initiative in easing tensions and working for peace and stability in the region.

On the new Japan-U.S. trade deal, Abe emphasized that the two sides were able to reach a "win-win agreement" that will contribute significantly to Japan's economic growth as well as global economic growth based on open and fair rules. He said the new accord, together with the Japan-EU EPA and the TPP, signals the birth of a broad free economic zone comprising 60% of the global economy with Japan as its hub. He also pointed out that he confirmed with the President that the joint statement they signed means no additional tariffs will be imposed on Japanese cars and auto parts. He said that the new trade deal will contribute to economic development in both countries.

Regarding relations with the ROK, Abe was shown saying that Japan's tighter control on exports to the ROK is completely unrelated to the requisitioned workers issue, maintaining that Japan has been approving transactions that cleared security checks and that this measure will not affect trade with other countries. He also expressed regret at the ROK's linking export controls with security by its decision to scrap its GSOMIA with Japan, stating that Japan will continue to ask the ROK to honor its international commitments.

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Okinawa governor to visit U.S.

Okinawa Times reported the Okinawa Prefectural Government announced on Wednesday that Governor Tamaki will visit the United States from Oct. 14 through 20 to convey the Okinawan people's opposition to "the construction of a new base at Henoko." This will be his second trip to the United States as governor following his first visit in November last year. The paper speculated that the governor is arranging the visit in response to the Congress's inclusion in the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2020 of a provision calling on the Department of Defense to review its plan to redistribute U.S. forces in the Indo-Pacific. Tamaki has said that he wants to ask the U.S. to include the Henoko plan in its review of the planned transfer of Marines from Okinawa. The governor is also planning to visit San Francisco for discussions with experts there. Ryukyu Shimpo ran a similar report.

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