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Noon news

All broadcasters led with reports on the ongoing recovery efforts from the damage inflicted by torrential rains in Chiba and Fukushima Prefectures.


Statue symbolizing comfort women erected near U.S. capital

NHK reported that on Sunday a group of Korean Americans unveiled a statue of a girl symbolizing the former comfort women on private land in Fairfax County, Virginia. At the ceremony, the head of the group stressed the significance of the statue's proximity to Washington and called on the Japanese government to offer a sincere apology and compensation for the victims of wartime sexual violence. A former comfort woman from South Korea read aloud a poem composed by the group. She criticized the Japanese government for "depriving her of her youth and dreams." According to the group, the statue is the fifth of its kind in the United States. The Japanese Embassy in Washington has been calling on local officials not to approve plans to set up additional statues in public spaces. The network said this statue erected on private land could become another source of friction between Japan and South Korea.

Editorial: Japan must align with U.S. in dealing with China (Sankei)

Expert: Pence's speech strategically timed ahead of U.S.-China summit (Nikkei)

Expert: Pence's speech puts stronger pressure on China over human rights, economy (Nikkei)

China focuses on exchanges with regional areas to mend ties with Japan (Yomiuri)

Editorial: Top-level talks between Japan, S. Korea a chance to dispel mutual distrust (The Mainichi)

Cartoon: Moon and Abe hug (Tokyo Shimbun)


PM Abe says, "Japan-U.S. alliance is strong" in message to Mt. Fuji Dialogue (Nikkei)

China's anti-satellite weaponry 'disturbing' threat: US official (Nikkei Asian Review)

Seoul should reconsider intelligence pact exit: US official (Nikkei Asian Review)

Businesses tap into demand for cybersecurity measures at hospitals (Nikkei)

Editorial: Japan steps up for Middle East security (The Japan Times)

Joint Staff Office to work on details of SDF dispatch to Middle East (Nikkei)

Top U.S. military officer eyes visit to Japan, S. Korea in mid-Nov. (Kyodo News)

Compensation order over Iwakuni base noise upheld, damages increased (Kyodo News)

Editorial: Henoko ruling ignored essence of Okinawa's argument (The Asahi Shimbun)

EXCLUSIVE: LDP eyes project team for N. Korea missile defense (Jiji Press)

China used military parade to cover economic woes: Pentagon official (Nikkei Asian Review)

Kono briefs Australia on possible SDF Middle East mission (Jiji Press)


Editorial: Efforts needed to maintain foreign investors amid tightening controls (The Japan News)

Japan to list core companies subject to foreign investment review: Finance Ministry offers clarity to overseas investors (Nikkei Asian Review)

Global forum on steel oversupply fails to extend mandate (Jiji Press)

Prolonged Brexit uncertainty riles Japanese companies (Jiji Press)

Yokohama business community to launch new organization to support Yokohama's IR bid (Kanagawa Shimbun)

Narita and Haneda, the major airports serving Tokyo, set for large-scale capacity boost ahead of 2020 Olympics (The Japan Times)

Farm damage from Typhoon Hagibis in Japan tops 100 b. yen (The Japan News)

Many elderly in Japan hoping to work part-time from 65 (Jiji Press)

INTERVIEW: Mitsui chief touts LNG project in Louisiana (Jiji Press)

Osaka gamblers will take boat to casino (Nikkei Asian Review)


Prime minister's schedule on October 27, 2019 (Sankei)

Prime minister's schedule on October 26, 2019 (Sankei)

Prime minister's schedule on October 25, 2019 (Sankei)

Highlights of Japan-related events scheduled for Oct. 28-Nov. 3 (Kyodo News)

Abe finishes diplomacy marathon on imperial ceremony sidelines (Jiji Press)

Editorial: Trade minister's resignation reveals significant lack of respect for norms (The Japan News)

Editorial: Arrogance, not responsibility, shown after Sugawara quits (The Asahi Shimbun)

Editorial: Sugawara gift scandal puts PM Abe's Cabinet appointment judgment in doubt (The Mainichi)

Cartoon: Money in politics (Asahi)


48% want ex-trade minister Sugawara to quit as lawmaker, Kyodo News spot poll (Kyodo News)

Kyodo News spot opinion poll & results from Tokyo Shimbun (Tokyo Shimbun)

Nearly half against moving Tokyo Olympic marathons to Sapporo, Mainichi poll (The Mainichi)


Shizuoka faces pushback after it delays maglev project over river water concerns (The Japan Times)


Tokyo Gov. Koike protests but IOC stands firm on 2020 Olympic marathon's move to Sapporo (The Japan Times)

IOC sticks to 2020 Sapporo marathon plan despite Tokyo's cry (The Mainichi)

Japan gov't to start using "family name first" order from Jan. 1 (Kyodo News)

Foreigners in Japan hit record as Tokyo rolls out welcome mat: Chinese, South Koreans and Vietnamese lead immigrant influx (Nikkei Asian Review)


Gorbachev comments on potential presence of U.S. nuclear weapons in Okinawa

Monday's Ryukyu Shimpo led with its recent one-on-one interview with former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow. The paper wrote that when asked whether he has information about the possibility of the United States still deploying nuclear weapons in Okinawa, Gorbachev did not provide a clear answer but pointed out the need to verify the possibility. The paper asserted that the former Soviet leader expressed skepticism about whether U.S. nuclear weapons were removed from Okinawa upon its reversion to Japanese administration in 1972. The paper also wrote that Gorbachev expressed strong concern about the possibility of the United States deploying medium-range missiles in Japan and other parts of Asia.

The paper ran in its Sunday edition an interview with TASS military observer Viktor Litovkin. During the interview, Litovkin commented on the possibility of the United States deploying mid-range missiles in Japan, including Okinawa, by saying that Russia is interested in the U.S. deployment of mid-range cruise missiles and mid- to short-range ballistic missiles in Europe and Asia and that Moscow will target sites hosting U.S. Tomahawk and other missiles.

Part fell off MC130-J found at Ie Shima airfield (Okinawa Times, Ryukyu Shimpo)

Governor hopes to invite U.S. lawmakers to Okinawa to increase understanding of base issues (Okinawa Times)

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