Afternoon Alert   -   Friday, January 24, 2020
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Noon news

All networks gave top play to reports that Japan confirmed its second domestic case of the new coronavirus, saying the patient is a tourist from Wuhan who came to Japan on Jan. 19. The patient was reportedly staying at a hotel in Tokyo and was hospitalized on Jan. 22. According to the reports, neither the two family members who accompanied him to Japan nor the medical service providers who treated him are currently experiencing symptoms.


Japan Coast Guard holds joint drill with Malaysia

NHK reported on its website that the Japan Coast Guard and Malaysia's maritime authority jointly conducted a drill today to confirm how to deal with piracy at sea. According to the network, JCG's patrol vessel Echigo, which made a port call near Kuala Lumpur on Jan. 22, took part in the drill that was conducted by about 60 officials of the special forces of Malaysia's maritime authority and the Japan Coast Guard. The drill was based on the scenario of the special forces taking control of a patrol vessel that has been captured by a group of pirates. The network said Japan is hoping to strengthen cooperation with Malaysia since it faces the Strait of Malacca and is in a strategic position for international maritime transportation.

Ex-Ambassador Roos: Japan-U.S. cooperation in cybersecurity to become crucial (Nikkei)

Editorial — Japan-U.S. Security Treaty at 60: Japan must bolster its capability and contribute more (Japan Forward)

Editorial: Why it's reasonable to deploy Japanese vessel, patrol planes to the Middle East (Japan Forward)

Creation of Space Domain Mission Unit approved at LDP joint meeting (Nikkei)

Drones to be required to transmit ID numbers while in flight (Nikkei)

Hackers expose personal info on 8.9 m. people in Japan in 2019 (Jiji Press)


Abe comments on Chinese leader's upcoming trip to Japan

Nikkei reported online on remarks made at the Upper House earlier today by Prime Minister Abe, in which he commented on his plan to invite Chinese leader Xi to visit Japan as a state guest in April. "Both Japan and China bear significant responsibilities for regional and global peace and prosperity," said the premier. "I would like to make [Xi's visit] an opportunity to demonstrate at home and abroad that we are ready to fulfill these responsibilities without fail."

Russia earmarks 13.1 billion yen to develop the Kuril Islands (Yomiuri)

Air Seoul likely to restart Kumamoto-Incheon flight in March (Jiji Press)


Prime minister's schedule on Jan. 23, 2020 (Sankei)

Gist of interpellations at Upper House and Lower House plenary sessions, Jan. 23, 2020 (Yomiuri)

Kaneda joins Nikai faction (Yomiuri)

Editorial: Opposition parties must present policy visions explicitly at Diet (The Japan News)

Editorial: PM Abe deserves criticism for failing to answer key issues at plenary session (The Mainichi)


Kumamoto estimates Japan-U.S. trade deal will sap 7.7 billion-yen worth of prefecture's farm output (NIKKEI Business Daily)

LDP to submit proposals to gov't on digital currency (Nikkei)

Standardization of data rules (Nikkei)

Japan's trade falls for first time in three years (Nikkei Asian Review)

Japan's air cargo exports fall for first time in six years (Nikkei)

Editorial: Companies must bargain in good faith in 'shunto' negotiations (The Asahi Shimbun)

Japan to approve 4.47 tril. yen disaster-focused extra budget Thurs. (Kyodo News)


Japan unveils 6 ambitious research goals (Jiji Press)

Japan retail, tourism industries on alert to prevent virus infection (Kyodo News)

Editorial: Don't repeat the lost decade of climate action (The Japan Times)


Olympics to bring sniffer dogs to bullet train stations (Nikkei Asian Review)

Olympics: Tokyo preparations largely on track with 6 months to go (Kyodo News)

War veteran turned Paralympian hoping to make 2020 podium (Kyodo News)

Visitors to Japan by cruise ships fall 12 pct in 2019 (Jiji Press)

Usage of fake IDs to take Japanese proficiency tests rampant in Vietnam (Yomiuri)

Japan rejects student visa applications from 90 Vietnamese brokers for submission of fraudulent documents (Yomiuri)

Tokyo High Court orders metropolitan gov't to pay compensation for not providing meal to suspect (Mainichi)

Print book, magazine sales in Japan down for 15th straight year (Kyodo News)


Boeing conducts successful test flight of Osprey for U.S. Navy

Ryukyu Shimpo reported from Washington on Boeing's announcement on Tuesday that the first test flight of a Navy variant of the Osprey tilt-rotor plane was completed successfully in Texas. While explaining that the Navy plans to replace its aging C-2 Greyhound cargo planes with CMV-22s by 2026, the article projected that two new Navy Ospreys will eventually be deployed to MCAS Iwakuni for operations aboard the USS Ronald Reagan. The paper added that the Ospreys may fly to Kadena AB when the nuclear flattop operates off the coast of Okinawa.

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