Afternoon Alert   -   Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Broadcasters led with reports on the FDA's approval of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 (NHK), the arrest of a woman in Osaka for allegedly abusing her three-year-old son before her boyfriend killed him (NTV), the discovery of three bodies in a house in Miyazaki yesterday (TBS), speculation about the new life of former Princess Mako and her husband Komuro Kei in New York (Fuji TV), and the Los Angeles Angels' Ohtani Shohei winning the Commissioner’s Historic Achievement Award for his unprecedented performance as both a batter and a pitcher this season (TV Asahi).


U.S. is wary of South Korea’s “anti-Japanese” stance (Yomiuri)

ASEAN in final approval stages; RCEP seen to take effect in 2022 (Nikkei)

Kishida to attend ASEAN summit meetings (Jiji Press)

Editorial: Sanction Russia over planned economic zone on Japanese territory (Japan Forward)

Opinion: Japan at crossroads in shaping Pacific Rim economic order (Kyodo News)

Opinion: Philippines’s COVID-19 situation is improving, ambassador says (Nikkei Asia)

Commentary: Tokyo’s fond memories of Colin Powell (The Japan Times)

Editorial: UN Security Council‘s disgraceful failure to act on North Korean missiles (Japan Forward)


China-Russia flotilla displays “show of force”: Japan defense chief (Kyodo News)

Japan to limit foreign students’ access to security-linked tech (Nikkei Asia)

Analysis: Pentagon has a Pacific posture predicament (Nikkei Asia)

Chinese ships spotted near Senkakus for eighth consecutive day (Sankei)


Asia’s self-destructive coal addiction (Nikkei Asia)

TEPCO power demand may approach max capacity in winter (Jiji Press)

Amazon, Google win Japan government cloud contract (Nikkei Asia)

Outlook for n-waste site selection in Suttsu still uncertain (Jiji Press)

Can Japan rally trade group members to advance Taiwan’s entry bid? (Japan Forward)

Japan asked UAE to boost crude oil output: minister (Jiji Press)


Rengo to support Komeito candidate in Tokyo District No. 12 (Nikkei)

Strength of in-house groups in House of Councillors (Yomiuri)

LDP presidential election attracts great interest among newspaper readers in September, poll (Yomiuri)

Japan’s ruling party pins hopes on political dynasty to retain LDP’s lone seat in Okinawa (The Japan News)

Editorial: By-election loss for LDP hints at struggles to come for Japan PM Kishida (The Mainichi)

Japan’s LDP to lose seats, keep comfy majority with Komeito, Kyodo News poll (Kyodo News)


METI to dedicate 151 billion yen to development of automotive batteries (Nikkei)

Japanese firms to develop ammonia-fueled ship (NHK WORLD)

Japan launches Michibiki satellite into space (NHK WORLD)

Japan to propose 2050 zero-emission target for int’l shipping (Jiji Press)

Japan drone maker’s flying motorcycle to hit the skies next year (Nikkei Asia)


Foreign students still unable to study in Japan (Asahi)


Seeking equality, couple in Kyoto calls for legalization of same-sex marriage in Japan (The Mainichi)

Japan gives 30 mil. COVID vaccine doses becoming world’s No. 3 donor (Kyodo News)

Nobel laureate, baseball legend among 9 top cultural award recipients (Kyodo News)

Focus: Japan’s lagging youth vote may turn corner during pandemic (Kyodo News)



to Princess Mako, Komuro as they embark on new life (The Japan News)

Editorial: Mako’s marriage obliges nation to address imperial family problems (The Asahi Shimbun)


S. Korean consul general requests Okinawa’s cooperation for a consulate general in Okinawa (Ryukyu Shimpo)

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