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All broadcasters led with reports on the results of the general election on Sunday in which the LDP won an "absolute stable majority" of 261 seats in the Lower House, saying that attention is now focused on who will replace Amari Akira as LDP secretary general since he expressed his intention to step down after he lost in his single-seat constituency but secured a seat in proportional representation.


LDP Secretary General Amari informs Kishida of his intention to step down

NHK reported that LDP Secretary General Amari told reporters this afternoon that he told Prime Minister Kishida he intends to step down as the party's secretary general following his loss in his single-seat district in the Lower House election. "Last night when it became certain that I had lost my single-seat constituency, I directly informed LDP President Kishida of my intention to step down," Amari was quoted as saying. "He said he needed a day or two to think it over.... I met with him again today and reiterated my intention to step down.... In any case, I believe he will respond within a day or two."

Business leaders welcome general election results

TBS reported that Keidanren chief Tokura released a comment today welcoming the results of the Lower House election on Sunday. "I strongly welcome the fact that the LDP secured an absolute majority and the LDP and the Komeito maintained a robust and stable government," he reportedly said. "The results of this election show that the voters gave high marks to the policies of the Kishida administration and expect it to lead Japan toward a powerful revival in the new post-COVID era." Meanwhile, Keizai Doyukai chief Sakurada released a comment saying: "I welcome Prime Minister Kishida's continued efforts to realize a new form of capitalism.... This is the last chance for Japan to turn around the stagnation it has experienced for years. Based on that understanding, the ruling parties should lead a robust policy debate from a mid- to long-term perspective." In addition, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Mimura released a comment saying: "Although the LDP lost some seats, the fact that the LDP achieved an absolute stable majority reflects the voters' approval of its stable political management despite various issues amid the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis and their expectations for new growth."

Older voters support CDPJ, while younger ones opt for LDP

Asahi reported on the results of a general election exit poll showing that almost one out of four people in their 60s and 70s voted for the largest opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan in the proportional representation segment. The corresponding figures for those in their 50s and 40s were 20% and 17%, respectively.

In contrast, young people tended to opt for the LDP, with 42% of teenagers, 40% of people in their 20s, and 37% of those in their 30s supporting the ruling party. The corresponding figures for those in their 40s, 50s, and 60s were 35%, 35%, and 33%, respectively. The daily found, however, that the young generation's endorsement of the LDP was not as strong this time as it was in the previous race. The corresponding figures from an exit poll after the last general election were 46% for teenagers, 47% for those in their 20s, and 39% for those in their 30s.

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LDP, All Okinawa tie in single-seat constituencies in Okinawa

Ryukyu Shimpo and Okinawa Times ran extensive reports on the results of Sunday’s Lower House election in Okinawa, in which LDP candidates won in the No. 3 and No. 4 districts and candidates backed by the “All Okinawa” confederation of civic groups and companies opposing Futenma relocation secured seats in the No. 1 and No. 2 districts. Noting that this was the first time for All Okinawa to lose two of the four single-seat constituencies since 2014, Okinawa Times wrote that this will deal a blow to Governor Tamaki since he is backed by the group. The paper also wrote that the victory of Shimajiri Aiko, who supports relocating the Futenma functions to Henoko, in the Okinawa No. 3 district that includes Henoko may indicate a shift in residents’ views on the Henoko project.

Nago Mayor Toguchi commented on Shimajiri’s victory by saying: “Henoko is not the only issue for the district. The current Law on Special Measures for the Promotion of Okinawa will expire at the end of this fiscal year in March 2022. Residents probably have high expectations for the LDP-led government’s continued support for Okinawa's development.” Ginowan Mayor Matsugawa expressed a similar view by saying: “Futenma and U.S. bases were not the only issues discussed ahead of the election. The LDP candidate’s victory in the district might facilitate progress on Futenma's relocation to Henoko because the election results show that not all residents are against the Henoko plan.”

Opposition parties believe SOFA must be revised (Okinawa Times, Ryukyu Shimpo)

Three U.S. servicemembers arrested for DUI in Naha (Ryukyu Shimpo)

Okinawa City mayor sends written protest regarding pickpocketing incident involving U.S. civilian employee (Okinawa Times)

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